TTI administers the inertial profiler operator and equipment certifications for TxDOT in support of the department’s implementation of its ride quality specifications (SS 5880 and Item 585). The certifications are conducted by TTI staff at the Texas A&M RELLIS Campus (formerly known as the Riverside Campus) according to a set schedule.

Operator Certifications

The operator certification includes written and practical tests. You must pass both to be certified. The written test covers the TxDOT ride quality specifications:

It is a closed book exam. The practical examination covers the verification of horizontal and vertical calibrations of inertial profilers, and profile data collection as described in TxDOT Test Method Tex-1001-S.

You must bring an inertial profiler, and the logbook that is kept with it to take the operator certification. The logbook is where a record of the profiler calibrations is maintained as described in the test method. Also, bring with the profiler the items that are needed to go through the verification of calibration procedures that are described in the test method, such as a tire pressure gage and the calibration blocks. There is a time limit for the written and practical exams, so you must be thoroughly familiar with the ride specification, the test method, and the operation of your inertial profiling system (both hardware and software) prior to certification. If you have to read the profiler user’s manual, or call and talk with the profiler manufacturer during the practical exam, there is a very good chance that you may not complete the practical test within the allotted time and fail certification. Bring with you a 3.5-inch floppy disk or a CD to submit data from the practical test. Additional instructions for the practical exam, if any, will be provided on the day of testing.

You must get a score of 70 percent or higher in the written test, and pass the practical examination to qualify as a certified inertial profiler operator in Texas. Expect to receive the test results within 10 business days of the operator certification. If you pass, you will also receive an operator ID card that identifies the specific type or brand of inertial profiler you are certified to operate (the profiler model you used in the practical exam).

Equipment Certifications

For this test, you will be asked to collect profile data on selected test sections located within the facility. After completing your runs, submit the profile data following the format prescribed in TxDOT Test Method Tex-1001-S. You are given up to three hours from the beginning of the test to complete your runs and provide TTI the profile data. TTI staff will use the data to certify your profiler according to the test method selected for profiler certification (TxDOT Test Method Tex-1001-S or AASHTO R 56). A profiler must meet all of the requirements to pass certification according to the selected test method. Test results are usually sent to the owner of the profiler within one to two business days of the equipment certification. If the profiler passes certification, its owner also receives a decal as evidence of certification.