Test Fees

Test fees depend on the certification level at which the inertial profiler will be tested. TxDOT Test Method Tex-1001-S identifies the test sections to be used at each certification level. The profiler’s owner selects the inertial profiler certification level for testing.

Certification Level Fee Per Profiler Test
PCC1 or PCC2 $2500
HMA $3000
HMA/PCC1 or HMA/PCC2 $4000
  • Profiler retest fee within the week of scheduled certifications: $1000 per track retest.

  • TxDOT Test Method Tex-1001-S inertial profiler operator certification: $400 per person.

  • Test fees should be paid by check prior to certification. Make checks payable to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.


To schedule an operator and/or equipment certification, e-mail [email protected] at least 2 weeks in advance and provide the following information:

  1. Your organization’s name, telephone number, and street address.
  2. If you are applying for TxDOT operator certification, the number of individuals from your organization who are going to take this test and the profiler they will be using to take the practical test.
  3. If you are applying for equipment certification, the number of profilers and the profiler models to be tested, whether you need TxDOT certification per Test Method Tex-1001-S or an equipment certification based on AASHTO R 56, and the inertial profiler certification level at which you need your profiler to be certified under.
  4. The date when you want to take the certification tests based on the schedule below.

Note: Before we can schedule a TxDOT equipment certification for your profiler, we need an executable copy of the manufacturer’s filter program to process the data from the certification testing. Please talk to the manufacturer of your inertial profiler about this. TTI is not responsible for getting the appropriate filter program for your profiler.

2018 Schedule
Operator Certification Equipment Certification
February 13-14
March 6* March 7-8
April 17-19
June 12** June 13-14
July 10-11
September 4* September 5-6
October 9-10
November 13-15
December 10* December 11-13

All classes will be conducted in the TEEX Public Safety and Security Office on the Texas A&M RELLIS Campus. Please be at the designated classroom no later than 8:30 am.

* Classroom D
** Classroom C

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