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Adam Pike, P.E.
Associate Research Engineer
Signs and Markings
Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Texas A&M University System
3135 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3135
Ph. (979) 317-2136 Ext. 42136

TTI’s Visibility Research Laboratory, measuring 15 feet by 125 feet, is the first of its kind in a university setting. Located on the first floor of TTI’s State Headquarters and Research Building, the laboratory can be used to perform photometric and color measurements of sign sheeting, pavement markings, retroreflective raised pavement markings and other retroreflective devices. This laboratory is equipped with a four-axis photogoniometer to rotate devices to specific measurement geometries. These instruments also allow photometric characterization of vehicle lighting systems.

The room was built for future installation of rain-making equipment to allow assessment of visibility of devices under wet conditions. The 125-foot tunnel-shaped facility also allows researchers to run human-subject night simulation studies under controlled conditions at any time during the day. An adjacent conference room provides space for presentations, where sponsors and visitors can examine samples of reflective materials with microscopes.

Visibility Research Laboratory - equipment in the foreground and researchers in the background