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Better Preparing the El Paso Region's Transportation System for Extreme Events

After a major flood in 2006, El Paso city planners sought to determine the economic impacts when another extreme event occurred again in their city. TTI researchers recently simulated an extreme event that collapsed a major highway interchange to see how the other roadways could handle the increased capacity. This video explains their research and findings. WATCH NOW

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88th Annual Transportation Short Course Focuses on the Future

With a new leader at the helm and significant changes in how we travel looming, the Texas Department ... Read More

Researchers Test Emergency Exit Signs for Tunnels

About 15 years ago, Europe suffered several catastrophic highway tunnel disasters that resulted in the ... Read More

TTI Transit Research Highlighted at APTA Annual Meeting

Billed as the industry’s premier meeting, an estimated 15,000 public transit-agency professionals will ... Read More

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