TTI Day 2013
TTI Day 2013

Transit Mobility

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) Transit Mobility Program is part of the Texas A&M University System and provides research and technology transfer expertise in all aspects of public transportation planning, management and operations. Program researchers bring a combination of direct operational skills in all bus and rail modes and nationwide research experience with metropolitan, urban and rural transit systems.

Research projects result in practical, actionable recommendations for enhancing transit access, efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and funding sustainability. Transit Mobility Program staff are adept at facilitating multi-agency groups in the development of shared transportation objectives, innovative strategies, and coordinated services.

Transit Mobility Program staff expertise includes the following:

  • Strategic transit management research
  • Multimodal systems research
  • Urban and rural transit operations analysis
  • Transportation management review
  • Best practices and peer research
  • Education, training and capacity development
  • Performance analysis and benchmarking
  • Financial analysis and sustainable funding research
  • Livability performance measure research
  • Market research, communications, and outreach
  • Mobility management research
  • Accessible transportation service analysis
  • Alternative fuel research
  • Public-private partnerships in transportation

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