Marketing and Communications

TTI Marketing & Communications has provided excellent communications services to the transportation community for more than 20 years.

Few other communications groups can offer the diversity or flexibility of transportation communication and information services.

Publication Services

If you need help with… Contact:
Library Hong Yu, (979) 845-5770,
Writing Chris Pourteau, (979) 862-3698,
Editing/formatting Michelle Benoit, (979) 458-8833,
Printing/distributing Nancy Pippin, (979) 458-8834,
Deliverables processing Michelle Jones, (979) 458-8832,

Visual Media

If you need help with… See our work here: Contact:
Graphic Design Campaigns
John Henry, (979) 845-0911,
Photography Photography
Jim Lyle, (979) 862-3701,
Video shooting and production Videos David Dennis, (979) 845-6513,
Web Design and Development Websites Mark Coppock, (979) 862-3737,

For a more extensive look at the individual expertise of our professional staff, see the People Directory.  For examples of TTI Communications projects and materials, see the TTI Communications portfolio. For further information, review or download the boilerplate file with an overall description of TTI Communications qualifications and experience [DOC].