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Nauman Sheikh, PE
TTI Research Engineer
Infrastructure Protection – 3100 State Highway 47
Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Texas A&M University System
3135 TAMU
TX 77843
Ph. (979) 317-2695

Researchers in the Infrastructure Protection Program work closely with public- and private-sector sponsors on the development, construction, testing, and evaluation of highway safety appurtenances and perimeter security devices.

The staff of the Infrastructure Protection Program is recognized as leaders in the development and testing of both highway safety and anti-terrorist/anti-ram structures. Their experience related to the 2000+ full-scale crash tests, involvement in professional and commercial trade organizations, and interaction with industry on both highway safety and anti-terrorism devices keeps the staff abreast of current issues facing the respective safety and anti-terrorist communities. The program is supported by the Evaluation and Reporting Section that collects testing data through electronic, photographic, and videographic means and then compiles results in technical reports. The Construction Section installs and constructs approximately 95 percent of the devices tested within the program.

There are 10 support staff, 4 undergraduate students, and 1 graduate student working within the Infrastructure Protection Program.