PAVECHECK: Integrating Deflection and Ground Penetrating Radar Data for Pavement Evaluation

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W. Liu, T. Scullion

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October 2006


The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has used both Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology for over 10 years to provide structural information about its pavements. With the current systems, GPR data are processed independently of the FWD analysis. The GPR data are processed with the COLORMAP analysis system, and the FWD data are processed with MODULUS 6.0. There is substantial synergy in combining the analysis capabilities of both systems. In Project 0-4495 an integrated software package called PAVECHECK was developed to merge the FWD and GPR data together with digital video images of surface condition. The new feature in this analysis is that point-specific layer thickness estimates from the GPR can be used within the layer backcalculation process. Most of the features of the existing COLORMAP and MODULUS programs have been incorporated into PAVECHECK. This report provides a user's manual for the new program. This report is accompanied by a CD which contains the software and several test data sets. The data set named Annex is used throughout this report to demonstrate the features of PAVECHECK. This system has tremendous potential to assist TxDOT engineers with future forensic and pavement rehabilitation studies. The PAVECHECK framework can also serve for as basis for future pavement layer database efforts and for documenting and evaluating the performance of research test sections.

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Falling Weight Deflectometer, Ground Penetrating Radar, Data Integration, Layer Moduli, FWD, GPR

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