A research program with breadth and depth requires the availability of extensive state-of-the-art laboratories. TTI has these facilities. The labs and equipment available to researchers are vital to the Institute’s ability to successfully undertake critically needed research.

TTI’s expansive field-testing facilities are essential in providing real-world findings to state, national and international sponsors. Located 10 miles from the main campus of Texas A&M University, TTI’s Riverside Campus is home to many testing facilities. The campus provides the realistic conditions needed for crash testing; pavement friction and smoothness testing; erosion and sediment control product testing; environmental and emissions testing; and traffic engineering studies. These comprehensive facilities contribute to TTI’s ability to provide full-service transportation research solutions.

TTI operates real-world research implementation testing sites in seven cities across the state and has locations on the campus of Texas A&M University at Qatar and at the Texas A&M University Center in Mexico City, Mexico. As a member of the Texas A&M University System, researchers have access to other Texas A&M facilities, including the prestigious Sterling C. Evans Library and world-class computing resources to support them in their research endeavors.

Maps to Facility and Office Locations

From this page, you can find general information and details on TTI’s individual facilities and extensive equipment by browsing the locations or by facilities that serve one of the following general research areas:

Facilities by Research Area

Crash Testing
Materials & Pavements
Research Support
Safety & Human Factors
Traffic Operations

Facilities by Location

CE/TTI Building
Riverside Campus
    Gibb Gilchrist Building
    Riverside Campus
      State Headquarters Building
          Riverside Campus
          State Headquarters Building
            Urban Offices
            Urban Testbeds
            State Headquarters Building