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NameE-mailPhoneProgram Name
Aars, Thomas979-847-8751Mobility Analysis
Abedin, Zain979-845-9910Flexible Pavements
Abir, A k m979-845-9875System Reliability Division
Abu-Odeh, Akram979-862-3379Roadside Safety
Adamson, Paul713-613-9234Research and Implementation - Houston Region
Alberson, Dean979-458-3874Crashworthy Structures
Aldrete, Rafael915-532-3759Research and Implementation - San Antonio/El Paso Region
Alejandro, Stacey979-845-1728Signs and Markings
Alla, Jaya Ram ReddyRoadside Safety
Allard, Austin979-862-7132Center for Railway Research
Allcorn, Ryan979-845-9509Roadside Safety
Allen, David979-458-8593Center for Railway Research
Anderson, Stuart979-845-2407Construction Engineering and Management
Antebi, Jack972-994-2204Research and Implementation - Dallas
Arabali, Poura979-845-9910Materials and Pavements Division
Arambula, Edith979-458-0209Recyclable Materials
Arrington, Chris979-845-8708Business Office
Arrington, Dusty979-845-4368Crashworthy Structures
Asghar-Ali, Huzaifa713-686-2971Research and Implementation - Houston Region
Askariyeh, Mohammad Hashem979-458-4502Air Quality
Atchison, Samantha979-845-7576Communications Division
Aubeny, Charles979-845-4478Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental
Avelar Moran, Raul979-862-1651Roadway Safety
Avva, Sridhar979-845-9910Flexible Pavements