Regional Public Transportation Coordination in Texas

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J.H. Overman, L.K. Cherrington, J.C. Arndt

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January 2008


Chapter 461 of the Texas State Transportation Code focuses on maximizing the benefits of the state's investment in public transportation through the coordination of services. In 2005, the Texas Transportation Commission, under the leadership of Commissioner Hope Andrade, established the Regional Planning and Public Transportation Study Group. The mission of the Study Group was to review current public transportation planning and programming practices within metropolitan, suburban, and rural areas and to enhance service delivery, customer satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness. TxDOT sponsored project 0-5542 to support the Study Group and twenty four regional efforts to develop regional coordinated human service public transportation plans. This report and compact disc (CD) presents the major elements of the on-going planning and implementation process being conducted by twenty four planning regions and TxDOT. The three primary project objectives included:
  • a website and information clearinghouse for coordinated public transit-human services transportation plans
  • facilitating regional coordination plan development efforts
  • providing technical and information resource services to the planning regions.
The accompanying CD contains the project website and all of its contents as of August 2007. The combined report and CD serve to archive this two year effort.

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public transportation, public transit, regional coordination, coordinated human service public transportation plan

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