Investigating Pedestrian Components in Temporary Traffic Control

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B.R. Ullman, M.A. Brewer, K. Fitzpatrick, G.L. Ullman

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January 2008


The report documents the research activities completed during the two years of this research project. The objectives of this research were:
  • To examine how pedestrians with disabilities are being handled in temporary traffic control situations and identify if there are changes needed in this accommodation.
  • To determine the information requirements of pedestrians (especially those with special needs) at temporary traffic control locations and gain input on how best to meet those requirements.
  • To develop recommended guidance documents to provide TxDOT with improved traffic control methods for pedestrians in temporary traffic control locations.
Researchers approached this project from two different angles to accomplish these objectives. First was establishing the current state-of-the-practice with regard to handling pedestrians in temporary traffic control areas and the second was the administration of several human factors studies that addressed public perception as pedestrians in or near work areas. This report contains specific findings and recommendations regarding each of these activities.

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Pedestrian, Work Zone, Visually Impaired, Temporary Traffic Control

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