A Guidebook for Effective Use of Archived Operations Data at Transportation Management Centers

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P. Songchitruksa, K.N. Balke, Y. Zhang, K. Hamad, G. Pesti

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January 2008


This draft guidebook provides methodologies and procedures for using archived operations data collected at Texas Transportation Management Centers (TMCs). The guidebook provides an overview of existing ITS deployment and data management at Texas TMCs. The guidebook describes how historical data can be used to: (a) identify incident hot spots with incident data archives, (b) predict incident durations based on incident characteristics, (c) estimate incident impacts and predict incident-induced congestion clearance time using combined historical and real-time traffic data, and (d) calculate performance measures for performance reporting. This draft guidebook is a product of research results in Year 1 of project 0-5485. Case studies and examples using the methodologies and procedures provided in this guidebook will be completed and appended to the guidebook as part of the research effort in Year 2 of this project.

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Transportation Management Center, Incident Data, Performance Measures, Freeway Operations, Incident Management

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