Mileage-Based User Fees - Defining a Path toward Implementation: Phase2: An Assessment of Institutional Issues

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V.D. Goodin, R.T. Baker, L. Taylor

Publication Date:

November 2009


This report documents the activities of a two-phase research effort composed of three interrelated components: 1) a technology assessment, 2) an institutional assessment, and 3) a one-day implementationfocused symposium. Each component builds from the mileage-based user fee framework developed with funding in 2008 from the University Transportation Center for Mobility™ ("Feasibility of Mileage-Based User Fees: Application in Rural/Small Urban Areas of Northeast Texas", TRIS Accession Number 01121765). This document covers the institutional assessment portion of the research effort. It was conducted in conjunction with the technology assessment and involved the study of various user fee frameworks in place throughout the United States and an analysis of the various institutional issues to be considered with mileage-based user fee development, implementation and eventual administration. This report is meant to serve as a tool for policy makers and other interested parties who are considering mileage-based user fees as a potential means of generating transportation related funding and wish to gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding them.

Report Number:

UTCM 09-39-07


Finance, Mileage-based User Fees, VMT Fees, Institutional Issues, Implementation, Privacy

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