Texas Transportation Hall of Honor

Texas is recognized as having one of the finest multimodal transportation systems in the world. The existence of this system has been key in supporting the economic development of the state and in providing Texans a high quality of life.

The creation and operation of this system are the result of unusual vision and leadership provided by a relatively small number of exceptional individuals. The Texas Transportation Hall of Honor, established in January 2000, provides the opportunity for our profession to recognize the state’s true transportation leaders.

This is not a hall of fame, for fame is fleeting and it’s shallow. This is a Hall of Honor. It has depth; it has meaning that will go on for years to come.Ray Barnhart,
Former Member, Texas Transportation Commission
Former Administrator, Federal Highway Administration

The Hall of Honor is located in the main conference room in Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s Gibb Gilchrist building in the Texas A&M University Research Park in College Station. The Hall is overseen by a five-member board comprised of senior transportation professionals with knowledge of the historical development of the transportation system in the state.Each individual inducted into the Hall of Honor is recognized by a plaque on permanent display.

Hall of Honor brochure